Glasgow Tigers
v Edinburgh Monarchs
Sunday 22nd April 2018, 3:00pm
SGB Championship Shield
Peugeot Ashfield Stadium

So after Friday night’s setback where we went down 48-41 to the Tigers the Staggs Bar Monarchs head west looking to get our Championship Shield back on track and gain some of the pride lost against the same opposition.

This will not be an easy task as witnessed on Friday the Tigers have a powerhouse outfit but we should take heart from our previous visit to Ashfield 3 weeks ago in the Scottish Cup where but for a late collapse we would have come back with a better result than the ten point deficit faced.

Looking back to that night there is reason for optimism as Ricky, Eric and Matt all performed well with Max acquitting himself admirably and looking to build on recent promising performances. Mark and Josh will be looking for improvement as would Joel have been but unfortunately he will be missing being as he is required to ride in Poland. Rider replacement operates with Mark, Max and the reserves all eligible for an extra outing.

For the home men they will be looking to cement their place at the top of the Championship Shield group and a win for the Tigers would all but eliminate the Monarchs and give the Tigers one foot firmly into the semi finals.

The Tigers are yet to hit peak form at home although they did take care of Berwick by a comfortable 18 points last week after an early scare. Richie Worrall, Claus Vissing and James Sarjeant leading the way all into double digits.

So can the Monarchs rebound from Friday night and show what we are made of, only time will tell and there is only one place to be to find out and that is at Ashfield.

See you there!